Training Courses

For information regarding all of our upcoming UAV training courses, along with cost, how to book and locations, please refer to the information below. If you require additional information, please call (02) 4423 2507 or contact us and speak directly with an Instructor!

  • Nowra 6 Mar – 10 Mar
  • Sydney 18 Mar – 19 Mar
  • Sunshine Coast 18 Mar – 19 Mar
  • Gold Coast 20 Mar – 24 Mar
  • Sydney 25 Mar – 26 Mar
  • Sunshine Coast 25 Mar – 26 Mar
  • Melbourne 27 Mar – 31 Mar
  • Nowra 3 Apr – 7 Apr
  • Sydney 22 Apr – 23 Apr
  • Sunshine Coast 22 Apr – 23 Apr
  • Sydney 29 Apr – 30 Apr
  • Sunshine Coast 29 Apr – 30 Apr
  • Nowra 1 May – 5 May

Our staff are highly skilled, experienced instructors providing hands on training and certification across all states and territories of Australia. The success of our training is largely dependent on the active participation and hands on learning that our students receive from us.

Special 4 day Weekend Courses

For those that can’t get time off work to attend a 5 day course, Total RPA can offer you a special weekend training course. These courses are held over two consecutive weekends rather than 5 weekdays. The content and licensing are identical; we only ask that you have 5 hours of logged drone flying before attending the course. The course still includes a lot of practical flying training, only the bare beginner sequences are taken out to manage the course into 4 days.

Extra Training Courses

  • Basic Digital Photography
  • Mapping and Surveying
  • Radio Operator Certificate (with English proficiency test)

UAV Pilot Employment opportunities

Total RPA can put you in touch with operators who are looking for pilots who have graduated our course. Get in touch here for more information.

Have a Question?

Why not contact us or call us directly on (02) 4423 2507. We would be happy to answer any additional questions you may have.