Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Whats the difference between a UAV Controllers Certificate and an Unmanned Operators certificate?
A. A controllers certificate is issued to the pilot- Its basically his ‘commercial UAV pilots licence’. An Unmanned operators certificate is issued to the company, business, partnership  or sole trader. Think of it as a ‘licence to run an aerial business’. If you are a one man band, and wish to start using UAV’s for your own business, you will need BOTH certificates.

Q. What is the greatest advantage to attending the 5 day Remote Pilot Certificate course?
A. The Remote Pilot Certificate course is aimed specifically at UAV operations and the UAV pilot. There is no need for further CASA examinations, and you will also be taught how to fly and maintain a multi rotor UAV. The course ties in nicely with our operators certificate consulting and training package.

Q. What is a UAV Operators Certificate?
A. If you wish to start a business using UAVs or add UAVs to your current business, you are going to need a UAV Operators Certificate. An operators certificate is a certificate issued by CASA and can be thought of as your licence to operate a flying business in Australia.

Q. Is an Operators Certificate difficult to get?
A. It can be. If you attempt an application without assistance you will be applying by ‘trial and error’. CASA are very strict with how they want documents and manuals prepared and submitted, so it can take quite a few attempts to get it right. Every attempt will cost you time and money!

Q. Can Total RPA help me get started with all I will need?
A. YES! Total RPA are dedicated to training and preparing you for the aviation industry in Australia. Our instructors have thousands of hours of flying experience on all types of aircraft right up to jumbo jets. We have been training pilots to pass the exams for over 15 years; long before the term RPAS came about. Total RPA have helped over 40 operators obtain certification, and hundreds of UAV controllers (pilots) gain certifications through our courses and consulting- which makes Total RPA the most experienced and trusted UAV training and consulting organisation in Australia.

Q. What is the biggest advantage of using Total RPA over the other operators?
A. Great question, I’m glad you asked. Total RPA are the only UAV training organisation in Australia that was founded by aeroplane pilots and flying instructors, NOT hobbyists or model (park flyers) We will not only teach you all you need to know about UAVs but more importantly, the aviation industry in general.

Make no mistake, you are not entering the UAV Industry, the UAV industry is just buying and selling parts and kits. The moment you lift off the ground you enter ‘The Aviation Industry’. If you are serious about starting a sustainable business in Aviation, industry knowledge is paramount!

Q. I’ve heard that CASA are going to get rid of the need for a certificate entirely?
A. You have heard wrong! CASA have plans to simplify things, and are considering a <2kg class that won’t require the certification of bigger machines. This category, if created, will not be for serious UAV operators. The biggest drawback, apart from the fact under 2kg is more of a toy, will be that you won’t be able to obtain any insurance, as no insurance companies will touch you without certification.

Further, you will be very limited in the places and locations you can actually operate the UAV. Almost all of most major cities and centres will be a no go zone. For operations in these areas, you are ALWAYS going to need to be certified.