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Get the education you need to have the career you want. To pilot a drone, RPA, or UAV for commercial purposes within Australia you need the proper certification. All commercial pilots must obtain a UAV Controller Certificate issued by CASA, the Civil Aviation Safety Authority. Total RPA can assist you in doing just that. We provide CASA approved RPAS training and UAV certification and drone pilot training packages.

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Remote Pilot Certification

Total RPA are one of the only organisations accredited by CASA to deliver this course. The course is designed for, and aimed specifically at, the UAV (Multi rotor) pilot. Over the 5 days you will learn all about UAV (RPA) systems, aerodynamics, mission planning and preparation and various other topics that will prepare you for a career as an RPA pilot in Australia. Upon successful completion of the course, you will have your UAV controller certification.

Digital Photography

Stick around for an extra day and learn all about drone photography. This one day course will guide you through the basics of digital photography. The course is delivered by a professional photographer and photography teacher with over 40 years Industry experience.

Digital mapping and surveying

Considering using a UAV to obtain mapping and surveying data? Even for experienced surveyors, using a UAV for this purpose presents its own special challenges. This course will give you the basics on aerial imaging for data acquisition in various fields, including, mapping, agriculture, spotting and surveying, giving you the tools you need to develop your career anywhere in Australia.

Unmanned Operator Certificate Hire (UOC)

Total RPA are now able to offer UAV pilots with another option in order to get flying straight away. If you obtain your UAV controller certificate through our course, you can now ‘hire’ a UOC. No more waiting around for CASA to issue your business with a UOC, and no more big upfront cost. Once you complete our course you can start flying right away under our new, specially certified UOC.

Instructional manned trial flights

Have a little fun and learn something about the industry at the same time with a supervised 45 minute flight in a full-size aircraft. A qualified Total RPA instructor will show you how to operate the controls. After which you’ll be allowed to fly yourself around the local area for the duration.

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