UAV Drone Jobs: A Bright Future Predicted in Australia


There is little doubt that UAVs (drones, RPA, RPAS or whatever your preferred term!) are emerging as the new kid on technology block, but recent surveys carried out in the USA are indicating the entire industry is well on its way to becoming a major player in the overall economic landscape with literally thousands of new jobs being created.

While the numbers so far are coming from the USA, the potential here in Australia is just as promising. Drone pilot jobs will fast become another career path that school leavers (or anyone with an interest in aviation) can take and earn a very respectable income. Pilot wages are are very respectable and could be enticing for any budding pilot to move into the industry.

Like any emerging technology, more and more uses for UAVs are popping up every day, so potentially the UAV pilot jobs that will be available in 5 years time are not even dreamed of yet. It’s an incredibly exciting time to get involved with this emerging industry.

UAV pilot operators job/earning potential

The following figures are taken as a survey conducted recently which shows attractive earning potentials for those considering working in the UAV industry.


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Employment requirements

As with any job, there are requirements and certifications you will need before you start to earn an income as a commercial UAV pilot. In Australia you will need a CASA issued UAV Controllers Certificate, which is your ticket to a UAV job working as a pilot.

You can also start your own business using UAVs if you wish, which will require another certificate called an Operators Certificate.

With the USA predicting more than 70,000 new jobs being created in the first few years alone, the outlook here in Australia is just as bright!

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